Ten years of incompetent government had brought about the virtual collapse of the country"s economy.

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done using computer công nghệ over the internet, and not involving people physically going somewhere:
Before a virtual meeting, all participants should test the technology & make sure they are comfortable with the major features.

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It is important lớn ensure that mergers of these companies do not result in a virtual monopoly in the industry.
used lớn describe something that can be done or seen using computers or the internet instead of going khổng lồ a place, meeting people in person, etc.:
The country is in a virtual state of civil war and there are deep divisions between the civilians và military leadership.
Why are the parents of special needs và struggling kids choosing virtual schooling at increasing rates?
When you think of higher education, chances are that virtual reality is not something that immediately comes to lớn mind.
People are paying real money -- $5 billion a year, by some estimates -- for avatars and other virtual products.
At some point, though, we have khổng lồ start treating virtual reality hardware as a product, not a promise.
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