By starting the browser that you usually use to surf the web from your PC you noticed something strange, very strange: the default trang chủ page has been changed & in its place displays a screen related lớn a strange search engine that you’ve never seen first: Trotux. Thinking that you have changed the settings of the browser was your prankster, you immediately called him khổng lồ ask him the thing but unfortunately your thesis has not been confirmed. Staying in doubt, you mix aside the question & then you tried to lớn change again, based on what are your needs and preferences, the browser settings, but if you’re here now và you’re reading these lines, it seems clear that you are succeeded in your intent.

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How vì chưng you say? Did it go this way? Well, I think so, unfortunately. Troutx is in fact a malware that falls into the category of browser hijackers, that is to say malicious software that are able lớn modify, in a way not wanted by the user, the normal browser settings. Generally Trotux is installed in an unconscious manner, for example in combination with other programs downloaded from the internet without too much notice khổng lồ this or that other item during the installation procedure & especially without removing the necessary check. By realizing the presence of Trotux the computer is quite simple as what occurs is exactly as described earlier.

So? How lớn remove Trotux from your PC? Simple: by following the steps that are described in this article on my giust’appunto topic. If you allow me a little ‘of your attention I can in fact illustrate, step by step, everything you need to bởi vì to succeed in the enterprise. It will take a bit ‘of time, I want to underline that we right now, but I can assure you that the over result will be satisfactory for you. Good reading và good luck!

How khổng lồ remove Trotux

The first fundamental step you need khổng lồ accomplish in order to delete Trotux from your computer is lớn remove the related program from Windows. Usually Trotux also peeps in the Windows section to lớn manage the installation of programs and applications, so it can be deleted like any other normal program.

To bởi vì so, you must then go to the Windows section with the danh sách of programs installed on the PC, check if among the various software in the các mục there is some rumor related to lớn the malware and, if so, make the elimination. Let’s see in more detail how to proceed on the various versions of Windows.

Windows 10


If what you are using is a PC equipped with Windows 10, you have khổng lồ click on the Start button (the one with the Windows flag) located at the bottom left on the taskbar & select the gear icon on the left side of the thực đơn that opens. In the window that appears on the desktop, click on App and tìm kiếm for Trotux between the installed programs. If you want, you can help in the search using the Search field in this list at the top.

If you find programs that have the name Trotux & are not sure where they came from, uninstall them by clicking on their icon first and then clicking the Uninstall button twice in a row.

In the window that opens, then confirm that you want khổng lồ remove the selected software by pressing the Yes button, & follow the on-screen instructions lớn complete the entire deletion procedure. In most cases, a series of clicks on the Next button should suffice.

How khổng lồ remove Trotux for Windows 8 / 8.x


If on your computer is installed Windows 8 / 8.x, to lớn remove Trotux you have lớn click on the Start button (the one with the Windows flag) located at the bottom left on the taskbar, then you have to lớn press on the Settings tile (that with the gear) in the Start Screen, select the Control Panel công trình at the bottom left and click on the words Uninstall a program attached khổng lồ the window that appeared on the desktop.

On the next screen, if you find any reference to Trotux, immediately remove it by first clicking on its icon and then the Uninstall / Change button located at the top. Usually, khổng lồ complete the whole process simply click on the Next button.

How khổng lồ remove Trotux for Windows 7 và earlier


If you use Windows 7 or an earlier version of the Redmond home operating system, you can uninstall Trotux by accessing the Windows Control Panel by clicking on the Start button (always the one with the Windows flag) located at the bottom left and selecting the Control Panel tòa tháp , in fact, from the thực đơn that appears.

In the window that is then shown to lớn you, click on the Uninstall a program (or địa chỉ cửa hàng / Remove Programs) chiến thắng to view the danh sách of programs installed on your PC. If you find any reference to Trotux, proceed immediately to lớn remove it by first clicking on its icon và then on the Uninstall / Change button located at the top. Even in this case, usually just click on Next lớn complete the procedure.

Run an antimalware scan


Uninstalling Trotux as seen together just now is useful but unfortunately it is not a practice that allows you to lớn delete all the traces that malware can leave in the system. To cope with this it is therefore necessary lớn resort to an antimalware, a program designed specifically to wipe out malicious software from the system.

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To tải về it on your computer, connected to the official website of the program and click first on the free Download button and chase on Download now. Then start the file mb3-setup-xx.exe you just got, click on Run and, in the window that opens, click in sequence on OK, Accept & Install and Finish.

Then start Malwarebytes and if you see a warning appearing asking you if you want khổng lồ try the Premium version of the program also declines the invitation. Then click on the Scan button in the main window of the software and wait for the whole system to be started và completed and the result will be shown. Then select all the potential threats detected by the software and quarantine them by clicking on the appropriate button. Et voila!

Restore home page & browser search engine

A last “effort” that you have khổng lồ accomplish in order to lớn eliminate Trotux from your PC is to enter the browser settings, tìm kiếm for the settings related lớn the home page và the search engine và return them all khổng lồ the default state in order to avoid annoying redirects . Below you will find out how khổng lồ proceed on each of the most widespread web browsers.

Google Chrome – Click on the button with the three horizontal dots located at the top right and select the item Settings from the thực đơn that appears. In the tab that opens you will find the settings related to the home page in correspondence with the words Open a specific page or a mix of pages và those related to lớn the tìm kiếm engine in the entry tìm kiếm engine used in the address bar.

Mozilla Firefox – Click the button with the three horizontal lines at the đứng đầu right and select the Options thành công from the menu that opens. Then go to the General tab khổng lồ change the settings on the home page và on the Search tab to change the tìm kiếm engine settings.

Microsoft Edge – Click the button with the three vertical dots at the đứng top right và select Settings from the menu. Then change the settings for the home page using the xuất hiện Microsoft Edge thực đơn with & change the default search engine by selecting the Advanced Settings item & then clicking Change search engine.

If after making the above changes the browser’s trang chủ page is still altered, check that there are no variables that redirect to Trotux in the connection you use to lớn start the program from the desktop. To vì so, locate the browser icon on the desktop, right-click on it và select the Properties thành công from the menu.

In the window that will be shown at this point, select the liên kết tab, locate the Destination field & delete any variables present after the browser executable (eg after C: Program Files (x86) Google Chrome Application chrome .exe for about Google Chrome). Then click on the Apply button to lớn save the changes you have made.

In case of problems

Even if you followed the instructions that I have finished in the previous lines you still could not delete Trotux on your computer? Then put into practice the further instructions that you find below & you will see that eventually you will finally succeed in your intent.

Force How to lớn remove Trotux


Did you fail lớn uninstall Trotux via the Windows or Control Panel settings because there was no entry or why did the procedure stop responding? Then read my tutorial on how lớn uninstall a program permanently lớn find out what additional methods you can start lớn complete the operation, even in a forced manner.

Use an alternative antimalware

If using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware you have not been able khổng lồ identify Trotux on your computer but if you continue to lớn find it, you can liên hệ an alternative antimalware software. In circulation, as anticipated, there are many. If you want some advice in this regard as well as some useful straightforward use you can read my tutorial dedicated to lớn the best anti malware dedicated just right to the subject.

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Remove suspicious extensions

Reset the browser

Are you still dealing with traces of Trotux on your browser but the antimalware finds absolutely nothing và your PC seems khổng lồ be “clean”? Then I can not help but suggest you to restore the website browser you usually use bringing it back lớn factory. If you bởi vì not know how to vị it, read my article on how lớn restore Chrome for what concerns Google Chrome and my post on how khổng lồ restore Firefox for Mozilla Firefox.