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Homesickness is lượt thích most sicknesses - it"ll make you feel wretched, và it"ll move on to lớn somebody else.
Later, she explained she was feeling under the weather that day, & suffered from altitude sickness.
After a bout with altitude sickness, she decided to scale back running và instead pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a competitive ballroom dancer.
Sickness never comes at a convenient time, but when your child awakens in the middle of the night with distressing symptoms, chaos often follows.
Studies be conducted khổng lồ determine which scenarios are linked with simulator sickness and methods to lớn prepare aviators to deal with those scenarios.
Acute exposure to intense radiation can cause radiation sickness, a potentially deadly illness that triggers a range of terrifying symptoms, including vomiting blood.
It goes without saying to lớn replace your toothbrush or boil it in the microwave after your sickness as well.
His tooth enamel stopped growing during two occasions in his youth, suggesting he likely lived through bouts of famine or sickness when he was young.
Cancer screening is truly effective only if the growths found would eventually cause sickness and if finding those growths earlier increases the efficacy of treatment.
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