private private (prīʹvĭt) adjectiveAbbr. Priv., pvt.1. a. Secluded from the sight, presence, or intrusion of others: a private hideaway. B. Designed or intended for one"s exclusive use: a private room.2. a. Of or confined to lớn the individual; personal: a private joke; private opinions. B. Undertaken on an individual basis: private studies; private research. C. Of, relating to, or receiving special hospital services & privileges: a private patient.3. Not available for public use, control, or participation: a private club; a private party. 4. a. Belonging to a particular person or persons, as opposed khổng lồ the public or the government: private property. B. Conducted và supported primarily by private individuals or by a nongovernmental agency or corporation: a private college; a private sanatorium. C. Of, relating to, or derived from nongovernment sources: private funding.5. Not holding an official or public position: a former President who is now a private citizen. 6. a. Not for public knowledge or disclosure; secret: private papers; a private communication. B. Not appropriate for use or display in public; intimate: private behavior; a private tragedy. C. Placing a high value on personal privacy: a retiring, private individual.noun1. Abbr. PVT, Pvt a. A noncommissioned rank in the U.S. Army or Marine Corps that is below private first class. B. One who holds this rank or a similar rank in a military or paramilitary organization.2. privates Private parts. Often used with the. idiom.go privateTo take a publicly owned company into private ownership, as by a leveraged buyout. In privateNot in public; secretly or confidentially. priʹvately adverb priʹvateness noun

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privateprivate(adj) confidential, personal, hush-hush (informal), classified, secret, clandestine, concealed, undisclosedantonym: publicsecluded, mix apart, isolated, remote, sequestered, cloistered privileged, not in the public domain, exclusive, restricted, reservedantonym: publicreserved, secretive, tight-lipped, self-contained, unrevealingantonym: forthcomingprivate(n) soldier, sapper, gunner, corporal, sergeant, trooper, squaddie (UK, slang), guardsman