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This will be an invaluable text for teachers of foreign languages, those responsible for training teachers và applied linguists.
There are useful tutorial-like worked examples in several places & these will surely be invaluable to the intended audience.
It is an invaluable source of reference material that, once discovered, will be frequently referred to.
Their broad knowledge & excellent judgement have been invaluable in evaluating và editing manuscripts for the journal over many, many years.
We warmly thank all our questionnaire và interview respondents and the many expatriate & local entrepreneurs and officials who provided invaluable information.
Further work on the behavior of this species will be invaluable in interpreting functional adaptations in the visual system of this living fossil.
These methodological issues should not detract from an otherwise invaluable contribution lớn the field of variationist research.
We have also learnt that post-occupancy surveys are invaluable in revealing what does and does not work for the occupants of our new buildings.
It will prove an invaluable reference book to lớn students talking environmental courses, & should find a place in all larger geological and zoological libraries.
His thoughtful examination of the subjective & objective criteria by which people defined their identities therefore provides an invaluable background, complementing my own observations.
It will be invaluable in encouraging students to lớn consider the complexities of working with people with dementia.
The sponsors và the contributors of the report deserve a special commendation for an invaluable reference for a wide audience.

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Common sense & political judgement are invaluable khổng lồ this effect, as a perfectly drafted legal argument may very well be politically impossible.
These examples are from corpora & from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.




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