Eradicate Là Gì

synonyms: eliminate get rid of remove obliterate exterminate destroy annihilate kill wipe out abolish stamp out extinguish quash erase efface excise expunge expel zap nuke wave goodbye khổng lồ
Dưới đấy là những mẫu mã câu gồm chứa tự "eradicate", trong cỗ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo hầu hết mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với trường đoản cú eradicate, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ eradicate trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển tiếng Anh

1. Their goal was to eradicate smallpox.

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2. Their goal was khổng lồ eradicate malaria.

3. You could actually eradicate poverty.

4. We can eradicate this disease from the world.

5. The Only Way khổng lồ Eradicate Hate

6. Well, a superior citambour.vnlization is difficult to lớn eradicate.

7. He spoke about what is necessary khổng lồ eradicate AIDS.

8. These insects are very difficult to lớn eradicate.

9. We are determined to lớn eradicate racism from our sport.

10. This dose of medicine will eradicate your erysipelas.

11. Eradicate anxiety, he wrote, and Goldberg, in the margin, anxiety.

12. 5 This does not eradicate the distinctiveness of each religion"s approach.

13. The ultimate objective is khổng lồ eradicate the opponent"s base.

14. The aim is khổng lồ eradicate the disease for good.

15. The bad phenomenon is engrained , and will be hard lớn eradicate.

16. It is said that scabies is hard lớn eradicate.

17. At the Social Summit in Copenhagen, we promised to eradicate absolute poverty.

18. Low cunning with moats Adult weetambour.vnls are difficult to lớn eradicate.

19. They are already battling to eradicate illnesses such as malaria & tetanus.

20. 20 We are determined lớn eradicate racism from our sport.

21. Greater financial stringency is needed to lớn eradicate inflation from the economy.

22. Such companies know that it is in their own best interests khổng lồ eradicate harassment.

23. The government claims to lớn be doing all it can to eradicate corruption.

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24. It will eradicate the power of the extremist minority in political parties.

25. The editorial also took the position that isolation would not eradicate the disease.

26. 6 They are already battling to eradicate illnesses such as malaria & tetanus.

27. (a) Implement the newly adopted law khổng lồ eradicate the practice of sexselection abortion;

28. How can we be sure that God wants lớn intervene & eradicate tambour.vnolence?

29. We should be eradicate who did this & made them lớn pay for their sins.

30. Some Health Authorities pursue policies which limit or eradicate the use of part-time staff.

31. So popular were the proscribed celebrations that it proved quite impossible to eradicate them completely.

32. Under Anne, High Churchmen became preoccupied with trying to lớn eradicate the practice of occasional conformity.

33. 21 It will eradicate the power of the extremist minority in political parties.

34. Strengthen & improtambour.vnng tiệc nhỏ conduct khổng lồ build a linchpin is to lớn eradicate corruption.

35. In the south-east Asia region, the aim is khổng lồ eradicate yaws by 20

36. Officials see a role for sophisticated eco-technology khổng lồ help eradicate pollution sweeping across the region.

37. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it"s almost impossible khổng lồ eradicate.

38. It is what management và business schools try to lớn eradicate through education and training.

39. The country is also sensitive to the plight of the poor & is committed to lớn eradicate absolute poverty.

40. Valves are relatively avascular, so high dose antibiotic therapy is needed khổng lồ eradicate the infection.

41. Vaccinal prevention was the most safe và effective measurement to control và eradicate tropical theileriosis.

42. Ablation in the gastrointestinal tract to achieve hemostasis và eradicate lesions with a propensity for bleeding

43. 16 Science is a kind of sharp weapon to destroy feudalistic superstition và eradicate etambour.vnl religions.

44. Resolution # protambour.vndes an additional tool lớn enhance the effectiveness of our efforts to lớn eradicate terrorism

45. Why, though, does ancestor worship persist in spite of Christendom’s strenuous efforts lớn eradicate it?

46. An example of negative eugenics would be the attempt to eradicate a harmful recessive gene.

47. The state and federal governments doled out millions of dollars khổng lồ various agencies to lớn eradicate them.

48. The adtambour.vnce often given is to dip heatambour.vnly-populated rocks in boiling water to eradicate the pest.

49. We look forward khổng lồ partnering with his new administration khổng lồ eradicate coca production in his country.

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50. 20 An example of negative eugenics would be the attempt lớn eradicate a harmful recessive gene.